Educational Approach

Action Based Enterprises strives to provide each student with a comprehensive education that both develops and applies their skills in and outside the classroom. By combining CurriculumAction Based EducationTherapeutic Services and Family Involvement, we ensure that students get the most out of their Educational Goals.





Our curriculum meets all standards set forth by the Rhode Island Department of Education. Instructional planning and service delivery, however, are driven by students’ IEPs, Grade Level Equivalents, Common Tasks, portfolio preparation, high school credit requirements and preparation for state testing. These are aligned with programs of study as identified within the sending Local Education Agencies.

Action Based Education

Action based activities are series of physical and mental challenges offered to the students on a daily basis that require participants to demonstrate individual effort, teamwork and problem solving skills in order to be successful. Students are expected to employ rational thought, higher level thinking skills and creative thought processes in order to attain positive outcomes. The aim of many of these activities is to allow students to view themselves as increasingly capable and competent.

Therapeutic Services

ABE staff anticipates that participants who come to our program will have a variety of behavioral and emotional issues and, as such, will require therapy to take full advantage of their new educational setting. We offer a therapeutic support system that allows for individual,group and family services. Therapeutic goals will be reflected in each student’s IEP. Social workers coordinate the admission process, interviewing participants and their families, and obtaining social histories. On-site presence allows the social workers to have regular contact with students.

Family Involvement

Regular family contact will occur, with the initial goal of positively engaging parents by reporting the successes of the child. Parents will be asked to assume a supportive role in the student’s program by providing feedback from the home, and by attending scheduled parent meetings. Should students experience difficulty adjusting to their new environment, parents will be asked to allow the school to delineate the strategies for facilitating student adjustment; and once the plan meets with their approval, reinforce it in an appropriate manner in the home setting.

Educational Goals

  • Cultivate the ability to read, write and communicate effectively
  • Develop math, computer and technology skills and their “real world” applications
  • Promote higher level thinking skills and the ability to integrate knowledge for daily use
  • Enhance personal and social skills
  • Foster civic responsibility through service learning activities