Extended School Year Programs

ESY Summer Programming

Students with behavioral disorders who are elementary through high school aged (6-18 years) often require educational, academic and social reinforcement in order to prevent regression over the summer months. These services are offered through a six-week program for three days per week. Half of the school day is spent on academic instruction while the remainder is for social skills and recreational activities. All IEP goals will be addressed.

Students with developmental delays should be 16-21 years of age and identified as needing academic and social reinforcement and educational and social stimulation. This program operates for six weeks, five days per week. Students will follow the Transition Program activity schedule.

Enrollment Process

  • Special Education Director in the public school initiates a referral to the Social Worker at ABE
  • Social Worker contacts the family to arrange a tour and provide school information
  • Social Worker schedules intake with family
  • Parent and Social Worker schedule start date