What is Action Based Enterprises?

Action Based Enterprises (ABE) serves two distinct populations:

1. School Services: Students grade K-8 (ABE School), and Students grade 9-12 (Hillside). Students must be authorized by the local public school department for services based on a specific social, behavioral, or educational barrier.
2. Adult Services: People deemed eligible for Developmental Disability services through BHDDH.


Action Based Enterprises is a private non-profit 501 (c) 3 and incorporated within the State of Rhode Island, formed to develop economical, effective, community-situated, alternative programs.

The school program is designed for individuals with substantive behavioral/social issues and limited educational, recreational, therapeutic, and vocational success.

The community-based adult program is designed to help participants with developmental disabilities meet their individualized goals in the areas of health, safety, social interaction, and employment.

Program Purpose

Our programs are designed to maximize the independence and productivity of participants and help them achieve successful community integration. For our school-aged students we accomplish this through the dynamic teaching of academic skills. Adults who participate in our community-based programs improve vocational and life skills with individualized support plans, customized to meet each individuals’ unique goals. For all participants, we strive to increase their chances for future employment and a productive social and family life.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Action Based Enterprises is to enable participants to maximize their potential and become resourceful, well-educated, highly competent and productive individuals through the provision of creative and energetic program activities that are provided by certified, dedicated staff.