Danielle Beaudry is a dual certified Elementary Education and Special Education teacher who has been employed at Action Based Enterprises for eleven years. Her main responsibility is as the Lead Teacher of the Elementary school. She oversees, collaborates with, and educates the new hires and current teachers. Danielle also is responsible for her own elementary level classroom where she teaches K-2 grade in all subject areas.

Danielle believes that modification to curriculum is key to the success of her students. She says each student must be treated as an individual because “fair is not necessarily equal.” She also identifies that social skill building and teaching her students about respect are the cornerstone ideals for her individual style of teaching. She capitalizes on motivation, independence, and perseverance in her classroom. Danielle feels that one of the most rewarding aspects of her job is assisting students to be successful in and out of the classroom; she wants her students to have the independence and skills they need in order to become successful and productive adults.