Developmental Disabilities

Action Based Enterprises provides a full range of services for adults with disabilities and challenges. We focus on providing tailored programs to each individual made possible by a low staff to client ration. This has resulted in an impressive track record of success. This includes:

  • High retention rates
  • Measurable improvements in ISP goals
  • Marked progress towards self-sufficiency
  • Smooth transitions from high school to adult programs
  • Constructive family participation
  • Successful job placements; (click here to learn more about our Employment Center)

Adult Day Programs

  • Adult Day services for people with disabilities
  • Community/Family Support Programs
  • Transition from School to Adulthood(18-21 year olds)
  • Job Placement, Training and Vocational Services(click here to learn more about our Employment Center)

ABE is licensed to provide Day Program, Community Support, and Supported Employment services. Programs are for eligible adults with developmental disabilities. For questions about eligibility, contact BHDDH Social Services at 401-462-3421.

Focus: Improving Quality of Life

Our services for participants will focus on enriching their quality of life. This principle is based on the recognition of each individual’s need for personal satisfaction and meaningful interaction in day-to-day living. Services focus on:

  • Health and safety
  • Informed choice
  • Personal value and positive recognition by self and others
  • Strong relationships with family and friends
  • Employment/vocation
  • Community involvement

Promoting Family Involvemen

The participant and his/her family work with coordinators who will custom-design an individualized support program. Services support family relationships, and involve Community Support Staff for those individuals who do not have natural family supports.

Integrating Participants into the Community

Services promote and facilitate the integration of people with developmental disabilities into the community. Our participants have access to the same lifestyle and age appropriate services available to non-disabled people in the community.  For example, our participants regularly volunteer at Meals on Wheels.

Participant Goals

To support each participant on his or her journey to becoming an independent, happy, healthy and contributing member of his or her family and community by

  • Increasing self-advocacy
  • Increasing independence through ADLs and vocation
  • Increasing community integration
  • Improving health and happiness through social interaction, exercise, and recreationn, exercise, and recreation