State-of-the-Art Employment Center

Action Based Enterprises recently opened a new state-of the-art Employment Center at 283 Pond Street, enabling the expansion of its existing program.  We work to make sure that our participants secure meaningful work and succeed at it, assisting people with an array of disabilities-including behavioral, developmental and physical challenges—secure  Participants have successfully gained employment at various area businesses,  such as Cintas, Wendy’s and Sears.  They perform as well or better at their jobs than non-disabled people.  For example, one of our participants, Patrick Patrick works 20 hours a week at Cintas, a company that provides uniforms to businesses and local governments, performing a variety of critical tasks at a level that consistently meets and exceeds the industry standard.Referring to his experiences at work, Patrick Fontaine said, “I like it when it’s busy. The day flies by when you’re busy.” He continued, “I like my co-workers. They all know my name as soon as I walk in the door.”Patrick added, “if you work hard, you’re going to get a good paycheck.”

The Employment Center’s offerings include:

  • Computer Classes
  • Pre-vocational skills training
  • Career Exploration
  • Outings to community work sites
  • Volunteer work
  • Vocational assessments
  • Assistance with job search
  • Job coaching

Academic Reinforcement

Our participants are confronted with the unique challenge of not only learning new skills but also retaining learned material from their school years. With this in mind we set aside time on a regular basis to review basic math, writing and communication skills with a focus on the functional application of these skills.  This keeps participants job ready


Action Based Enterprises (ABE) is a licensed provider of Supported Employment services. ABE works with participants who are authorized for Supported Employment services by BHDDH and/or ORS. Our goal is to provide supports that will help participants find and maintain community-integrated employment at competitive wages.

ABE’s Employment Center is located at 283 Pond Street Woonsocket, RI, 02895 near NetworkRI and the Woonsocket DMV. The phone number is: 401-597-5067.