This first edition of Action Based Enterprises’ (ABE) e-newsletter focuses on the work success of Patrick Fontaine, one of our participants, highlights the expansion of our Employment Center, and features Chelsea Coen, a direct support professional in the Adult Developmental Disabilities Program. Future editions will focus on new developments at ABE and in the broad general areas of developmental, learning and behavioral disabilities.

An Employment Success Story

Patrick FountaineWith the hands-on assistance and coaching of Action Based Enterprises Employment Center, Patrick Fontaine has become a valued employee at Cintas, a corporation that provides uniforms to businesses and local governments. Employed at the company for the past 6 months, Patrick works 20 hours a week performing a variety of critical tasks at a level that consistently meets and exceeds the industry standard.

Referring to his experiences at work, Patrick Fontaine said, “I like it when it’s busy “. The day flies by when you’re busy.” He continued, “I like my co-workers. They all know my name as soon as I walk in the door.”

Patrick added, “if you work hard, you’re going to get a good paycheck.”

Employment Center

Action Based Enterprises is currently rehabbing a building located at 283 Pond Street in Woonsocket, RI. Renovations are expected to be completed by April 1st, 2016, allowing the Employment Center to increase its current capacity from 8 to 18 participants.

Michael Purcell, ABE Program Director, says, “We are excited to expand our supported employment services to a state of the art facility. This new site is conveniently located near Network-RI, the DMV, and a number of downtown businesses in Woonsocket.” The Employment Center will offer Vocational Evaluations, Job Preparation Curriculum, conferences and workshops, and specific job-related trainings.

Once renovations have been completed, an open house will be conducted so that BHDDH, local school departments, participants, and families can see the expanded ABE Employment Center.

ABE Staffer Chelsea Coen is Effective Because She Cares

As one of ABE’s direct support professionals, Chelsea Coen works closely with the participants in the Adult Developmental Disabilities Programs.

Chelsea Coen is effective because she cares: “I enjoy knowing that I was able to help,” said Chelsea. “I work every day on different things with my participants: reading, writing and monetary skills, as well as daily living and community-based skills. Seeing the strides we make as we reach new goals is truly amazing. I love knowing that I was able to aid them on that journey, and made sure we had fun along the way. Seeing the joy on their faces as we achieve goals and get to indulge in new and exciting activities makes every moment worth it.”

Chelsea praises the positive work culture at Action Based Enterprises: “I love the fact that it feels so much like home here. Everybody is close, it’s like spending time with family every day. I know that my co-workers will be there for me, just as I will be for them. This program is truly about the participants and what is best for them; we try hard to serve each individual in the way that best seems fit and make sure they enjoy every day.”

Before working at ABE, Chelsea served as a volunteer in Special Education Classrooms and at the Special Olympics.