This second edition of Action Based Enterprises’ (ABE) e-newsletter features Dennis Harmon, one of our high school teachers, discusses the ways state-of-the-art technology is used to enhance our school programs, and highlights the work success of Cassie Beauparlant, a participant in our Employment Center. Future editions will focus on new developments at ABE and in the broad general areas of developmental, learning and behavioral disabilities.Dennis Harmon: A Teacher Who Makes a Difference

DennisDennis Harmon, is excited by “the opportunity to inspire and motivate the students to overcome their obstacles in learning and behavior.” “Every day brings a new challenge, a new opportunity to teach, learn and inspire,” said Dennis, who teaches in our high school.
Dennis appreciates the 1 teacher to every 2.5 students ratio that affords him and his colleagues the ability to work individually with students and to be constantly accessible. The students get a strong sense of belonging because of the close-knit environment where teachers and other staff pay the close personal attention that can be missing in larger school settings, according to Dennis. He points out that this bond promotes learning and facilitates students reaching their full potential.
Watching students grow and learn how to meet challenges and resolve social issues on their own without adult intervention is something that Dennis finds especially rewarding. He also enjoys working with his fellow teachers and other staff members as part of a cohesive team that keeps the best interests of the students front and center.
Every day Dennis Harmon makes a difference.
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State-of-the-Art Technology Enhances Learning

ABE employs a variety of technological devices to enhance learning consistent with recent advances in learning theory. Technology is integrated seamlessly into classroom activities where students are taught to select the right device for the right learning activity. In addition to the traditional desktops and laptops that we have available for teacher and student projects, we also employ tablets and mini computers for use at a student desk or workstation.
tabletFor example, we use IPADS to assist students who struggle in the areas of writing, reading and math. Through specific apps, students who have difficulty writing can orally dictate their ideas onto the IPad and copy their thoughts onto paper. Similarly, students who struggle to read independently can be helped by apps that provide a ‘read to me’ option, enabling one to listen to stories. We also use apps to track student progress, so that both student and teacher see areas in need of growth.

Additionally, Microsoft Surfaces are employed to give students more of a capacity to do independent research in certain content areas, among other benefits. And we sometimes use Kindles for reading in large measure because they provide additional tools such as a dictionary and thesaurus that better enables students to interact with specific texts.
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Cassie Beauparlant: Another Work Success Story

CassieWith the hands-on assistance and training of the Action Based Enterprises Employment Program, Cassie Beauparlant has been working effectively for 10 hours every week as a Sales Associate at Sears for the past 5 months. “I love Sears,” Cassie said, “I look forward to coming in for each shift.” She likes her co-workers and says that work gives her a sense of independence.
“Work makes me feel like a contributor to society,” said Cassie. She notes that she is able to save most of her money, while still being able to buy the things she needs.
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