This edition of Action Based Enterprises’ (ABE) e-newsletter features Daniel Menard, our student of the month, Edward Torres, a participant at our Employment Center and Holly PIekos, one of our high school teachers. Future editions will continue to focus on new developments at ABE and in the broad general areas of developmental, learning and behavioral disabilities.Student of the Month

Currently a Junior at Hillside Alternative Program, Daniel Menard is our student of the month. He has been a student since the fall of 2006 when he enrolled in Action Based Enterprises as a second grader. During his time here, Daniel has had the opportunity to see many changes and improvements throughout the program. “We went through a few buildings, some better than others, but we ended up in a really nice building,” said Daniel, “The teachers aren’t just in it for the money. They actually care about us.” Daniel continued, “ABE and Hillside have given me the opportunity to get a proper education in a setting that works for me (smaller classes and fewer students).” Being in this setting has not only been accommodating for students like Daniel but has also provided them the confidence to plan for their future. Daniel plans to go to college, get a good job and save money for retirement. “Being here has helped me learn coping skills that I can use instead of resorting to violence, which will be a major help out in the real world.” added Daniel.

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Torres Successfully Completes Training

Edward Torres, a participant at the ABE Employment Center, recently completed a 12-week training program at AccessPoint RI. Edward is now looking to put his skills to work as an Office Assistant. We congratulate Edward. The Employment Center provides hands-on assistance, coaching and job placement.

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Holly Piekos: A Commitment to Ensuring Every Student Learns and Improves

This is Holly Piekos’ tenth year teaching at Hillside where she brings the commitment to ensure all of her students learn and improve and the skill to get the job done.
“I love my job here at Hillside/ABE for so many reasons,” said Holly, “A teacher collaborates, learns, reflects, plans, assesses, and makes connections with his/her students. Here, at Hillside/ABE, I do all of this. I love mentoring these kids, teaching them responsibility, and modeling appropriate behaviors for them.”
Holly also enjoys working with the staff and administration at Hillside/ABE. She finds the Administration “supportive, understanding, and encouraging.” Holly exclaims, “The staff works as a team, a united front toward a common goal. I consider several staff and administrators here my mentors, coaches, and dear friends.”
Holly continues, “So much has changed since I started working here a decade ago. The buildings, and students have come and gone. Our newest facility is amazing! The most intriguing change, however, has been our growth. We have persevered through difficult times together, never giving up”.
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