Idalaye is a seven-year-old, first-grade student at Action Based Enterprises. She began her education here in November of her kindergarten year. After struggling a great deal at her former school, Idalaye found comfort in her new placement and has thrived both behaviorally and academically.

Idalaye is a bright and happy student who is friends with everyone. She enjoys being able to ride on a van to and from school with other students. Idalaye also likes that there are fewer students in the classroom. She loves to do all work and is especially enjoying participating in a pen-pal activity with students from a school in Coventry. In addition, she is taking part in being responsible for the care of the new classroom hermit crabs. One of her favorite things was being able to hold and feed baby chickens that were brought in as part of the Charlotte’s Web unit presented in her classroom.

Idalaye says that she likes coming to school because “I like doing work, and I like my teacher.”